Ray Ban Glasses

The more time we spent together we realized that we wanted to spend our lives together. We were married and since that time we both have had various jobs in the social service arena. Although we enjoy doing many things together we also do things separately. He loves hunting and fishing. I love to gamble. He takes hunting and fishing trips with buddies and I go on gambling trips with my sisters and a girlfriend. We enjoy taking vacations together, but the separate ones we take are also good for our relationship.

Since we have been taking separate vacations we always ask the other what they want as a gift or souvenir from where ever we are going. The first time I asked what he wanted he said he wanted a pair of ray ban glasses were the rage and they were quite expensive for our budget. He had wanted a pair for a while but they did not fit into our tight budget. Ray Ban is one of the best known names in the sunglasses industry, and is responsible for creating two of the most popular sunglasses including the Aviator and Wafarer styles. Founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb, Ray Ban is a highend producer of designer sunglasses and is one of the most well known and top selling brands of sunglasses in the world. Their popularity is one of the key reasons why counterfeiters have targeted Ray Ban for copying their product line and selling them for the genuine item. Ray Ban is known as the father of “Aviator glasses” which are famous for their functional features, design, and image.

Finding designer sunglasses and eyewear from leading brands such as Oakley, Gucci or Ray Ban is sometimes a laborious process due to the fact that they have some many styles and deisigns to choose from. When I asked him what he wanted he said ray ban glasses. I just laughed and told him I would bring something back from Las Vegas to surprise him. I was going to Vegas with my girlfriend. When ASOS discount code and I arrived in Vegas we had to wait for two hours before our room would be ready. We checked our bags and decided to hang out in the casino until check in time. I started playing quarter poker and was dealt a royal flush. I won a thousand dollars. My luck held through the trip and I was able to buy a great pair of ray ban glasses for my husband. He was excited with the gift when I got home. He wore the ray ban glasses all the time. Through the years I have bought him several different souvenirs from the different vacations I take. Every once in a while I will buy another pair of the ray ban glasses for him to keep him updated. He still enjoys the glasses, even though we can more readily afford them now they have remained a special indulgence for him. He usually buys me a piece of costume jewelry when he goes on trips. This is wonderful because he has great taste and he knows I love different kinds of jewelry.