Pokemon Bed Sheets and Other Bedroom Sets

If one were to look at modern interior design, then the significance of a loft cannot be ignored. In some homes, these perched up nooks are used as space maximizing components, whereas other home owners view them as this enchanted elevated hideaways. Irrespective of the thought process, this much is certain that a loft can double up as a bedroom and that’s where the aspect of loft beds for adults comes into the picture.

This article takes a 360-degree view at the concept of having a full sized bed at a height, both from a design as well as functional perspective. So, without much further ado, let’s start with the design.

Loft Beds Are Different from Bunk Beds Often, people mistake bunk beds and loft beds to be one and the same, and while this concept could have been acceptable in the past, it’s not so much today. This will become a lot more evident after understanding each bed type and their salient features. Bunk beds normally feature two same twin beds one atop the other and therefore serve as a common form of alternative Pokemon Bed Sheets for kids on http://www.illuporistorante.com. The connection between the lower and upper bunk is via a common support structure made from wood or metal with the default access for the top bed being via a ladder.

In contrast, loft beds act as elevated platforms for sleeping, so the floor space left underneath can be used for placing a couch, work desk, entertainment centre or anything that one pleases. Although these so-called ‘beds on a loft’ started off as space saving furniture in cramped dorm rooms, they quickly made their journey into studio apartments.

Loft Bed Ideas

The first and most common loft bed configuration is that of a bed frame on top and work-desk below. So, the mattress essentially rests atop this bed frame which could either be suspended using railings in case of a large room or employ the support of the two opposite walls where space is really at a premium.

The loft bed is made accessible from the ground by using different styles of steps or ladder formations. Just underneath the elevated bed frame can be the workstation, thus serving as the functional area. An alternative to the work desk can be an entertainment system or even a nice comfy couch. The latter idea is generally considered when redesigning a corner space as a man cave.

The other configuration that can feature virtually endless designs is that of multiple loft beds running parallel against a wall. This will obviously require a large sized room and such an interior design scheme proves useful with guest bedrooms more than anything else. So, there could be two loft beds on the same height against a wall thus leaving more floor space for other furniture like tables, sofas, wardrobes and book shelves.

Or, the other alternative could be an all-bed configuration where the floor space beneath the loft beds is also used for another set of beds, thus turning it into a hybrid bunk system for adults. That way, instead of sleeping two adults, the room can now accommodate four, and if the floor beds double up as day beds, then more the merrier!

In Conclusion

Loft beds for adults are being employed in different ways by virtually everyone to make the best use of their home space. So, if you are interested in this awesome, space saving interior design component, then don’t be shy to ask your designer how it can be incorporated in an aesthetic manner to your present floor space!