Modern Wood Bedroom Furniture

You are about to renew your child’s bedroom, or have your own room and want to implement and decorate your room with new designs and colors.

And we have many ideas, here in these images we can see trends and color scheme, They are used to decorate a youth room, variety of textures and colors is great, both in furniture as bedrooms.

The walls have to have perfect color harmony between furniture and wall decorations.

The innovative ideas of these youth bedrooms decorated with furniture made of melamine boards and MDF, we will help and guide you to make the respective changes in our bedroom, the variety of textures and colors in melamine boards are many and colors to paint a MDF furniture are endless, so there is no longer an excuse to get down to work and start to renovate and decorate the bedrooms.

It has always been said that melamine was bad furniture and wood furniture. Today I want to explain the differences between melamine, veneer and solid wood, so that, resolvais doubts regarding that topic, often so wrong and rightly other.

Melamine is an agglomerate particle board, coated on both sides with decorative films impregnated with melamine resins, giving it a completely closed surface, free of pores, hard and tough, which is able to withstand the heat, aggressive liquids home use. It does not allow the growth of microorganisms or parasites requires no additional terminations. Melamine can be cut, sawn, drilled, nailed, screwed, milled and brushed edges. It also offers a wide range of colors, patterns and textures.

Melamine is the material that is more resistant to the three named, so it is highly recommended for youth rooms and / or kitchens, which are the areas most “punishment” are both spots as friction. A disadvantage may give a less pleasant sensation in beauty.

The natural wood veneer soul either particleboard or medium density board, both sides it overlays it with natural wood veneer and / or reconstituted, allowing the carpenter have a product ready to cut. Stringent selection of the sheet allows us to find a product of very good quality, excellent finish and varied designs. It has the aesthetics of the very wood, being more environmentally friendly use and avoiding potential problems that can cause the “movement” of wood on the board.

The veneer has the same beauty of natural wood at a very affordable price, and also we avoid possible problems both parasites as waste, so it is highly recommended for living rooms, bedrooms and any furniture that has no wear very aggressive.