Bathroom Vanity Lights: Dos And Donts

In this article we will discuss the use of bathroom vanity lights.

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a place of refuge, a place to wind down and relax after a long day or recharge for the day ahead. Up until a decade or so ago, the bathroom lights would have got the least consideration in the house. The lighting budget would be saved up for the public areas of the house; the living room, dining room etc with one single ceiling fixture for the bathroom to take care of the entire lighting requirement. But now with spa tubs and steam showers coming in to homes, the bathroom is getting a lighting makeover too.

A good lighting plan is a series of layers; a judicious mix of ambient, task and accent lighting. Adequate ambient lighting for the shower, enhanced task lighting at the vanity for shaving or putting on make-up and beautiful accent lighting to elevate the mood of the bathroom or accentuate that niche are all parts of the lighting plan.

Bathroom vanity lights should always get top priority in the lighting plan as they are hardest working lights in the lighting scheme. The following pointers will help you choose the best bathroom vanity lights:

Do not put recessed ceiling fixtures above the bathroom vanity as this casts shadows on the face making it harder for daily grooming rituals.

Do try and use vertical fixtures or wall sconces on either side of the mirror. This provides the best even lighting for the face. However, given the space constraints of many apartment bathrooms, this may not be such a great idea.

Do use a mirror over the mirror (or mirror cabinet) if side lights are not possible. This should be at a distance of 75-80 inches from the floor, approximately 150 W (or CFL equivalent of 12 W) and spread over 24 inches of a light fixture to provide even lighting for the face.

Do consider what size of fixture looks best for the bathroom vanity lights. A general rule of thumb is to not use a fixture that is longer than the bathroom vanity. Long vanities will require multiple fixtures. Double sinks look best with a single light over each wash basin. Wall sconces look best paired with a mirror light.

Do try and coordinate the finish of the bathroom vanity lights with the rest of the d?cor. For example, traditional vanity unit can have matt black or wrought iron fixtures while a contemporary sleek vanity can have polished chrome fittings.

Do not use bare bulb fixtures as this can be a shock to the system, especially first thing in the morning and particularly if there is no natural light in the bathroom. Use coated or frosted bulbs with frosted glass covers for the most flattering and diffused light. Another option is to use dimmers if budget and rewiring permits.

Do ensure that the bathroom vanity light that you choose is designed for the bathroom and that is waterproof.

An expertly designed and well thought out lighting scheme will offer years of pleasure. So think hard on all the options and decide what bathroom vanity lights suits you best.

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Bathrooms lights: modest charm

It is not easy to choose bathroom lights. Firstly, bathroom should be the brightest in the house. Second, the high humidity requires great care when installing bathroom lights.

Built-in spotlights as well as wall lights or ceiling bathroom lights can be placed in the bathroom. You can also use the harmonious combination of different types of bathroom lights. When choosing bathroom lights it is better to pay attention to those that have been designed specifically for the bathrooms.

Terms of brightness

Bathroom is the room where we begin and end your days activities. Because of the level of lighting will depend the quality of shaving for men, and ease of applying makeup for women, and the mood for all the inhabitants of the apartment.

What bathroom lights to use to illuminate the bathroom?

Better illuminate the bathroom with just a few lights. Main overhead lighting provides perfect ceiling light with frosted light reflector. These bathroom lights provide a soft light streaming, which is ideal for the bathroom. The most popular ceiling lights for bathrooms have a tablet form and are designed for one or two lamps. If the room is spacious and requires additional lighting then plafonds can be hung on the walls of the bathroom, in addition to the main lighting and vanity lights.

A good alternative to ceiling light can be embedded halogen lights along the perimeter of the bathroom ceiling. It is better if they are rotating so you can send a beam of light up and visually raise the ceiling of the room. The original and mysterious look of the bathroom will give spotlights built into the floor. The power of such bathroom lights is typically less than 5 W and they are used as decorative lighting.

A special area in the bathroom is mirror. Most mirrors are sold with built-in lighting. It is made in the form of point halogen lights and locates near the vertical edges. Sometimes bathroom lights placed around the perimeter of the mirror. This lighting option is very convenient, as the height and location of built-in light sources have calculated correctly.

If the mirror does not have built-in lights, you can place them near the mirror. You can either light reflective surface from both sides either hang light along the top edge of the frame. Designers recommend: if the mirror has an elongated shape, hang long lamp along the mirror if broad shape it is better to direct light from above.

Bathroom lights mainly made of glass and metal. As for style, tech minimalism should be as functional for bathroom lighting. Although there are exceptions, for example, placing bathroom lights in the shape of flowers or buds near the mirrors.

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Ceiling Bathroom Fixtures: Features and Benefits

As a rule, in the bathroom there is no natural light, so for a comfortable stay in a room requires a device of artificial illuminant.

Usually perform a similar function for ceiling bathroom fixtures, installation of which provides a solution to several problems simultaneously:

approximation of the lightingin the bathroomto natural light(bright and do notstrain your eyes);
ensuring an adequate level of safety because increased humidity in the room increases the risk of a short circuit;
compliance with the overall style of the bathroom.

Choosing ceiling bathroom fixtures

Ceiling recessed bathroom fixtures use more often than others lighting elements in the bathroom. They are mounted in suspension ceilings or in the tension ceilings, creating a uniform illumination, which is particularly relevant for bathrooms with a large area.

Bathroom Fixtures

Ceiling bathroom fixtures can be equipped with movable outer part that allows you to direct the flow of light in the desired direction. In addition the use of such bathroom fixtures leaves more opportunities for the interior designer in the bathroom.

Recessed ceiling bathroom fixtures are of two types:

with internal lamps;
with an externallocation of the lamp.

Often, the first option is preferable because metal platform separates lamp from the ceiling in this case. Due to this does not occur overheating, and as a result, yellowing of the ceiling cloth.

In addition, lamp that located outside has a larger angle of light scattering.

Placement and the number of ceiling bathroom fixtures

To determine the optimal number of ceiling bathroom fixtures of artificial lighting in the bathroom should be guided by the features of this space:

the generalcolor scheme.

As for the general room lighting, which, strictly speaking, should take place in any bathroom, a small area can be performed with one lamp, which have exactly in the center between the mirror in the room and the door.

Traditional are models of ceiling bathroom fixtures, shaped like a tablet. These fixtures can be designed for one or two light bulbs. But there are other, more original and interesting variations.

If the bathroom is spacious enough, the recessed ceiling bathroom fixtures mounted on the perimeter of the ceiling may also be interesting and attractive solution. By the way, such an option is often appliedoption is often appliedin the presence of false ceiling in the bathroom, but this will require a combination of carefully thought ventilation.

You should pay attention to the fact that ceiling bathroom fixtures differ from conventional lighting elements in other rooms so that they are better suited for use in high humidity conditions.

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Contemporary Bathroom Lighting How to Go about It

Light keeps darkness away and helps us see things. Whether it is the living room or the bed room or the kitchen or the bathroom, lights are required everywhere. The difference lies in the kind of lights required in each of these spaces. This is mainly because of the ambience that light creates. Proper lighting and its importance in a space cannot be undermined. To a very large extent, it is light which dictates the style in a space. When selecting lights for a space, both the functional and aesthetic aspects need to be taken care of. Bathroom lighting too has advanced a great deal in the past few decades. Contemporary bathroom lighting has moved away from the regular incandescent bulb hanging from a decrepit shade. With bathrooms in homes fast competing with spas, the lighting there too has become important. Contemporary bathroom lighting is about generating a mood in the bathroom which creates a relaxed ambience and helps the users recover from their stressful day.

Considering the fact that we are now a technology sensitive generation, it is not beyond imagination to expect contemporary bathroom lighting also to incorporate the same features. To have lights in the bathroom increase in intensity depending on the area in which you move and shut off automatically are some features that contemporary bathroom lighting can have.

What does contemporary bathroom lighting comprise?

With a sauna bath, a jacuzzi, chroma therapy in shower, music, television, faux fireplace, furniture, the bathrooms in homes themselves are getting redefined. What was earlier thought of as left over space meant for very private functions is fast becoming an important space one which is crying for due attention. So the new age bathrooms are designer bathroom which have an integrated dressing area and a space for relaxation. A comfortable sofa and a huge dresser is part of the getting ready to face the day process. Designers are doing a lot in that space along with explorations in contemporary bathroom lighting. The aspect of lighting is not surprising though. With a lot of space inside, there has to be a demarcation of functions as well as that of moods. This is where lighting comes in the picture. It demarcates without boundaries as well as creates the right moods.

Lighting in a bathroom can be in the form offloor lamps or table lamps or wall scones or pendant lighting. The distinguishing feature is that these have simple forms and are sleek. They are not over the top ornate neither are they finished in a glamorous manner with silver and gold polish. In terms of technology there are contemporary bathroom lightings in the market that are sensitive to touch and can change colours as well. Energy efficiency being the buzz word these days, you are sure to find lamps which conform to this aspect as well. While selecting for your bathroom rather than sticking to the prevalent style pick up the one that best suits your bathroom and also fits the budget.

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Bath Chandeliers What Trends Indicate?

Looking to renovate a bathroom? Dont overlook an important aspect that of artificial lighting. There are two reasons for this. First is that light has a functional role. It is not possible to carry out simple activities in the bathroom if the light is inadequate or if the source of light is such that the activity area is not lit. The functional aspect can be taken care of by using lamps of correct wattage and placing them at the required areas (wall or ceiling).

The other reason for this is that for most home owners, bathrooms are fast becoming places to recover after a stressful day. This calls for a bathroom designed to relax. Such a bathroom needs many things like the bath fittings which can imitate the spa, music, greens etc. It is but obvious that in such a bathroom the lighting cannot be ignored. Mood lighting can enhance the feel of the bathroom. However, what appeals to some might not appeal to others. In short, mood lighting is a personal subject one in which there are no rights and wrongs. Some people hang bath chandeliers in their bathrooms to get the desired effect in the small space. Now bath chandeliers are not a very common sight and might be considered a quirky idea by some. For others the quirkiness might be the novelty.

Before buying bath chandeliers ensure that the bathroom can indeed accommodate one which means that it has the desired height and width. Else look around for alternatives which might not be bath chandeliers but something equally novel.

Things to keep in mind for installing bath chandeliers

It should be at an appropriate height. Make sure that there is at least 8 of clear space between the bottom of the chandelier and the floor.

Try not to place it over a tub or a basin or the WC. Instead place it in the centre away from action areas.

Make sure it is hung securely and does not sway with light breeze.

Bathrooms are areas of high humidity. Make sure that the material of the fixture can withstand the moisture levels.

Pay special attention to the wiring. Loose wires will take away from the beauty of the bath chandelier.

Make sure to switch it off or blow out the candles (as the case maybe) when not in use.

Alternatives to bath chandeliers

Since most bathrooms are small spaces, it is not surprising that a large majority will not be able to use the idea of a hanging lighting fixture. Sometimes this issue can be resolved during renovation by pulling down walls to increase the size of the bathroom. However if constrained by space, look for innovative lighting ideas other than bath chandeliers. Wall hung lighting fixtures or floor lamps can be used for the accent lighting. To give it an old world charm place wrought iron candle holders on the wall with pillar candles. But be careful where the wax falls and blow them off when leaving the bathroom.

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Bath Lighting

The quality of ones home can be significantly enhanced by basic things, for example, little bath lighting. One thing to consider is that it is not about as expensive to redesign a little bath lighting as it is to rebuild a huge one. It is equally less demanding to rearrange a littler washroom; on the other hand, mind must even now be taken to finish the venture skillfully. It takes a tad bit of both time and cash; however the results are well worth the trouble.

One thing that is critical when an individual is considering the rebuilding or rearrangement of bath lighting, and that is lighting. The bathroom is regularly the first room one heads to after emerging, and the last one he or she visits before resigning. It is additionally a spot where most individuals direct their individual cleanliness, for example, shaving, brushing ones hair, or applying make-up. These and numerous different components make bath lighting an essential perspective when redesigning the washroom. Lighting in a more modest estimated washroom can undoubtedly seem terrible and one must verify that whichever sort of lighting installation he or she picks, will be fit for making the brightest light conceivable.

At times bath lighting can be executed in stages, for example, one set of lights for the shower, and an alternate set in the region of the sink or vanity. Notwithstanding, its imperative to remember that lighting set straightforwardly over a mirror will shadow ones face which could make it hard to shave or apply make-up. Lighting installations got to light up the region where a mirror will be hung ought to be put on either side of the mirror, instead of above it.

Brilliant bath lighting ought to be picked for a washroom, as this is normally where beautifiers will be connected, and white knobs offer a more reasonable skin tone than yellow or delicate white. White globules can simply be briefly exchanged for yellow if one wishes to enjoy an air pocket shower or some other sort of unwinding where a delicate white or yellow light would be more suitable.

One ought to choose what his or her most critical goals are for the bath lighting before starting the rebuilding systems. There are numerous varieties of lighting and once in a while one basic thing can change the entire atmosphere of the bath lighting Any lighting thoughts an individual concocts can be executed effortlessly in a little lavatory rebuild venture. Changing lighting and installations can make it simpler to get prepared to go to work in the morning, and in addition unwind and loosen up after an upsetting day.

An alternate kind of bath lighting is overhead lighting in the restroom. This specific kind of lighting gives enlightenment to the shower with the end goal property holders should have the capacity to see legitimately. There are various sorts of overhead lighting accessible for the lavatory, yet a standout amongst the most prevalent sorts of lighting recessed lighting. This specific lighting is situated into the roof to enlighten beneath and is main stream due to the dampness that is available in the washroom. Recessed lighting does not hang down from the roof subsequently it doesnt gather buildup connected with the dampness.

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Bathroom lighting

In modern apartments bath is not only a room where family members bathe. Here performed many cosmetic, hygiene and even relaxation procedures. Therefore, the bathroom lighting should be adjusted in accordance with the function of the bath, tastefully hosts and interior design.

Bathroom lighting: safety is paramount

Before proceeding to the choice of bathroom lighting, you need to take into account the features of the room. Primarily, there are higher humidity temperature fluctuations in the air and the evaporation of the detergents and cosmetics.

Therefore, bathroom lighting that will be installed here should be:- resistant to extremes oftemperature;- weatherproof;- resistant to corrosion of the metal. Ceiling Bathroom Fixtures

Based on the above requirements, experts recommend paying attention to halogen lamps. Among other things they are more energy efficient. Halogen lamps are divided into two types: recessed and open. First suited for suspended ceilings, but they have a major drawback: they do not allow changing the angle of illumination. The second feature has this function, so you can manually adjust the angle at which the light is directed into the area you want to illuminate.

Weatherproof bathroom lighting is the perfect solution for this room. Before buying these lamps, carefully read the instructions completely and find the numbers that indicate the level of dust and moisture resistance. Especially important is the latter figure. It should not be less than four.

Types of bathroom lighting

In the case when the interior notable for originality, exquisite and intricately you should to choose simple form bathroom lighting. Conversely, if the bathroom is strict and without excesses it is necessary to supplement the original beautiful bathroom lighting.

As the main lighting in the bathroom often choose spotlights in high-tech style, because they are in harmony with glossy surfaces, which often prevail in the bathrooms. If the room is small, it can be limited to one overhead light. Depending on its size should be chosen more or less powerful lamps. If the bathroom is spacious enough, it is recommended to divide it into zones and take care of the lighting of each part.

Bathroom has several main areas:

– shower or bathtub;
– mirror located usually above the sink;
– lockerswiththe necessary items.

Bathroom Lighting

Each of these areas should be well lit. Since for certain procedures you need different bathroom lighting, it would be good to use near the mirror wall water proof fixtures for the bathroom with a flexible arm. Then you can adjust the direction of the light depending on the needs. For mirror lighting quite is unsuitable to use colored plafonds. It is desirable that bathroom lighting to have a white light matte surface and fastened in such a way that is not reflected in the mirror.

Lighting of the bath tub plays an important role. In this zone, the use of bathroom lighting with colored lampshades is welcome. The ideal variant would be the lights that are attached at a distance where you will not hurt them, as well as high standard lamps. If resources allow, you can choose plumbing with built-in fixtures it will be perfect, but not the cheapest solution.

Bathroom Sconces Lighting

As for the area of lockers, it is appropriate to illuminate the space with embedded small lamps. As a decorative light are very suitable floor lamps-portholes. Also use bathroom lighting as miniature lamps with different color shades, which are mounted on the floor. The main thing do not overdo the lighting. It must perform its basic functional role.

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Bathroom Lighting Fixtures does your bathroom need them?

Bathrooms are often neglected rooms in a house when it comes to planning anything including lighting. Most home owners feel that providing for a basic bulb or tube to illuminate the entire room is enough. It would not be surprising to enter a bathroom and not have enough light to see the mirror. Home owners often wish to cut corners when it comes to bathroom lighting fixtures and use the same money to enhance the living room or the bedroom. Fortunately, this thought process is changing slowly. Bathrooms are not being seen as purely functional spaces but are increasingly seen as relaxation spaces. This is leading to home owners asking designers to redo the space and provide all accessories including bathroom lighting fixtures which can help in the process of rejuvenation.

The question that is often asked is do bathroom lighting fixtures have a role or is it just a fad that has been made popular courtesy advertising? If experts are to be believed, the choice of bathroom lighting fixtures sets the style in the bathroom.

Role of bathroom lighting fixtures

An increasing number of home owners are demanding a spa like feel for their bathrooms. Accessories like the bath tub with Jacuzzi or the shower with LED lighting and music, the wall and floor finish, greens, storage etc are all aspects that need to looked into. However none of them is as important as the light itself. If seen purely from the point of view of functionality, the entire bathroom needs to be lit adequately. The other aspect is that light fixtures can instantly transform the mood of the space. This calls for the use of the right bathroom lighting fixtures which are available in a wide range of style and sizes. Different styles of fixtures for different spaces in the bathroom are a good idea because it breaks the monotony. However, too many different styles can create problems of integration with one another.

Deciding on bathroom lighting fixtures

While choosing the kind of light for the bathroom, it is important to understand the various functions. In any given space there are three kinds of lighting to be considered. To begin with, there is the task lighting which is used for specific and very functional reasons like over the basin for shaving. Then there is the ambient light which illuminates the entire bathroom without bathing it in light and the next level is accent lighting.

Best Bathroom Lighting Fixtures Types

As the name suggests, accent lights place in focus certain aspects of the space. It is important to have the correct fixture, placement and light intensity at all the three levels. Then there are decorative light fixtures that can be used purely for the purpose of adding character to the space. They may be be LED fixtures which keep changing colours or awe inspiring delicate glass fixture. The decorative lights are chosen for their looks and not so much for functionality. The choice of bathroom lighting fixtures is best left to the professionals who can suggest the product as per budget and requirement.

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Bathroom Fixtures

The  key to finding great bathroom fixtures lies in being able to find that  unique ones that really appeal to your personal taste. If the thought of  getting bathroom fixtures for yourself ever crossed your mind, then you can probably see yourself as spending quite a bit of time coming in and out of the bathroom. As such, you will be seeing whatever bathroom fixtures you pick up multiple times per day. In a situation such as  this, you would probably want to have something that is not only easy to  look at but will also reaffirm to you that you have made the correct purchasing decision. The question now is, how can you decide? How do you know that you are making the right choice when it comes to buying a bathroom fixture or two?

We also know that price will play a big part in your selection process and we have some really good ideas for you on that front.  Yes, the big box stores have some good prices but remember they goal is to move products and if you are looking for quality products you might want to consider a plumbing specialty store.

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen & bath or even building custom shower systems, the first question would be how much money do you have? If you are looking to replace bath fixtures, sink, vanity, bathroom faucet do you have a budget in mind.  One of the best places we ever searched was a plumbing showroom in  a  nearby community.  We were able to play with various shower faucets, shower heads, etc.  We saw some elaborate setups and we saw some basic bathroom and kitchen sinks.  Heck we even stumbled upon some hard to find bathroom accessories and we took our sweet time shopping for price.  To shop in a place like this (fixture gallery plumbing) gave us great ideas and then we hit the internet to find the best prices.  We also turn to the internet to find repair or replacement parts.

With so many different brands out there such as delta, kohler, american standard, moen, and others, it can be quite difficult to buy fixtures for your bathroom. But perhaps more importantly, it is necessary to understand what a bathroom fixture is in the first place, and the most common features that they offer the home or bathroom.

Bathroom fixtures are pieces that add a bit of eye candy to any bathroom that they are put into. They can be found not just in luxury bathrooms but also in bathrooms found in ordinary homes. Their purpose isn’t just to be aesthetically pleasing; they are also put there mostly to help make the bathroom environment more relaxing. If you are going to spend any amount of time inside a bathroom, you will likely want it to look like a place that you would want to stay in.

Based on the above-mentioned information, you should now know what you have to look for based on your own tastes, needs, and budget. You have several options. You can choose between toilet seats, drainage pipes, and all other sorts of accessories. Any one of them will be available in different shapes and sizes and will be made from various materials in different designs. You can go with either a more modern look with your fixtures or choose to go with more vintage-looking, retro design that brings you back to the past. There is literally an endless sea of possibilities when it comes to bathroom fixtures here. Brands such as delta, kohler, american standard, and moen are worth looking at.

Repair Bathroom Fixtures

However, in the end, it all comes down to what you need in bathroom fixtures to decide which ones are worthy of being considered great.  If you need to repair certain plumbing fixtures or bathroom lighting don’t hesitate to visit a plumbing showroom you will find some great ideas and help/assistance.  The best plumbing contractors in our area all send their potential clients to these plumbing showrooms to help them determine their taste.  As you know some people prefer chrome finish in all areas of their bathroom that include: lighting, bath fixtures, tub fixtures, bathtubs,  and bathroom faucets. Bathroom sinks oftentimes have thebathroom lightingsame feel as kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets.  That is good to know if you are trying to get ideas, simply try to match your kitchen faucets in finish and style.  And don’t forget rough in valves shower.  If you purchase new shower fixtures you will need to include rough in valves because a lot of times they don’t match.  This also includes faucets in your bathroom.

Men make sure and allow your wife to select the lighting in a bathroom.  You will probably end up with more lights that YOU normally need but women tend to go crazy over lighting because they need it to apply and remove makeup on a daily basis.  It’s hard to get more lighting into a bathroom once your bathroom is finished so make sure and have more light than you need because you can always turn some off if you don’t use them.