Shower Faucets

Shower faucets are one of the most common kind of bathroom faucets. Tub and shower faucets in the bathroom makes for a more enjoyable shower experience especially if you choose vessel faucets. Most older homes do not have shower faucets therefore a lot of people remodel the bathroom and either include a tub and shower system or they create a separate tub and shower stall. One area that most people are concerned the most about is the showerhead. You have a plethora of options available to you when it comes to showerheads. Oftentimes you can purchase a shower faucet kit that includes: single handle, shower head, rough in valves shower, and a shower bar. The shower faucets are basically connected to the entire household water supply but it has its own plumbing system nonetheless.

There are various brands and options of shower faucets available in the market these days. However, you can always choose a shower faucet from the top brands that have dominated the bathroom and shower faucet market. These brands have undoubtedly created a reputable name in the industry because of the quality of their products including shower and shower fixtures. If you are looking to get a high-quality shower faucet (kohler american standard moen), read on to know where to get the best shower faucets out there. Don’t forget to look for tub & shower fixtures, single handle and finishes available. There will be something in your price range, just keep looking. Also if you order online Amazon does offer free shipping on a lot of their products and they have a lot of stock on hand.

Delta offers various types of shower faucets and other products including standard faucets, jetted or semi-jetted shower faucets, and the custom shower faucets. Each Delta shower faucet provides different advantageous features and you can definitely find one that suits your preferences, needs, and budget. It also comes with a good warranty so you can be assured that the Delta faucets you purchase will stay usable for a long period of time. It also requires less maintenance, thus, you can save money in the long run. No matter if you purchase a kitchen faucets or showers and shower fixtures Delta does offer guarantee’s like most of these other manufacturers.  They will also carry matching bath tub faucets for those of you who like to keep the same theme through out your bathroom.

Kohler Shower Faucets

Kohler is one of the leading brands when it comes to bathroom fixtures, including shower faucet and bathroom sink faucets. Kohler provides a wide array of selection when it comes to shower bathroom faucets. It is known for its different finishes that make for a limitless bathroom design ideas.

A great option for those of you who love Kohler but do not want to pay their price is ProFlo.  These faucets are made by Kohler but carried under the different name.  The price is a lot less than it would be for Kohler or Moen and they work real well.  We learned this trick from our plumber who told us that if we do not want to pay the high prices of Kohler then take a look at Pro Flo and we did and can’t thank him enough.

American Standard Shower Faucets

American Standard shower bathroom faucets are mostly multi-functional. Its latest innovation, Flowise Water Saving showers, is known to help save up to 8,000 gallons of water per year.

It offers to fulfill the ideal dream shower experience due to its customized features. American Standard also offers a lot of bathroom shower selections to choose from.

Moen Shower Faucets

Moen shower bathroom faucets offer interesting and edgy styles and designs. If you are looking to get a shower faucet that combines class and modernization, then you should absolutely consider Moen. It has a collection that will surely bring out your personality and stylish taste.

Other Manufacturers of Shower Faucets

Two other manufacturers you should also consider is

Price Pfister and Danze. Price Pfister is pricey but they offer some remarkable faucets for your bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, tub faucets and custom shower systems. Same can be said of Danze. Both have plenty of other finishes available including: chrome, brass, gold, antique brass, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and many others.

Picking the best shower faucet can be a tad bit tricky if you do not know what to look for exactly. You should also be careful in getting one especially if you want to get something that you can use for a long time. You can definitely get the best shower faucet for your bathroom if you know the right things to consider. You need to get something that gives value for money, is cost efficient, and is within your budget limit. You should also get one that complements the interior design of your bathroom. Whichever shower faucets you choose, your preference should matter in the end.